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Results October 18, 2010

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IV, the first one


It took a week for all the results to come back to the neurologist. We went in and met with him and by now the numbness on the left side of my body had gone away, but I did have numbness now on the right side of my neck, my right shoulder and my right thumb. I began to get used to this new song, I didn’t know it, I didn’t like it, but I was getting used to it.   I knew I would have to learn this new song. looking at all the results, and there were a lot, he diagnosed me with MS. At least I had a name for the song and I could figure it out.

This past week I finished a three-day round of IV steroids that should help with the inflammation from the lesions I have on the spine causing the numbness. In a few weeks I should be starting some medication that I will inject three times a week. This is a long unending song that I will have my own beat to, and I will keep you posted on how it plays out.

Now that we laid the base line, I’ll add some fun melodies like weekly meals we’re trying, funny things that happen, and what’s changing.


One Response to “Results”

  1. Hello my name is Ginger and my husband Roger has Primary Progresive MS. I read on Living Locurto`s facebook, you were just diagnosed with MS. It would be nice to chat and be in contact. I sent my facebook adress, I dont know if you have it, it woulde be nice to share experiences, Roger has had MS for 8 years and is 32 years old.

    would love to hear from you,

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