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You don’t have a cause until you are one October 22, 2010

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I have been spending most of my “free” time reading and researching now.  I have been trying to absorb as much as I can to try to come up with the best management strategy.  I am actually surprised that is this day, where we have mapped the genome, the first test-tube baby is 32, doctors have done a successful face transplant,  and sheep have been cloned that we don’t know more about diseases.

My medication, Rebif, arrived this week.  Next week the nurse will come out to our home to show us how to administer it.  It is made from a naturally occurring protein in the body, however, they don’t actually know how it works in treating MS, just that it works in preventing and delaying episodes.

Yesterday I had a follow-up with the neurologist as a check up from the steroid treatment.  So far I have been doing well and the symptoms, have not gone away completely, but are mild.  I am ready to start the drug treatments, but I’d really like to incorporate more natural treatments as well.  He thought vitamin therapy and diet were ok when I questioned him, but he didn’t have much else to offer on it.

I have already started B12, which in the initial blood work I had was low, and I do noticed a slight difference in my energy level.  After some research I am also going to add a high dose of D3.  On my next round of blood panels he will check my vitamin levels.  vitamin D3 has been linked to many diseases like cancer, high blood pressure and auto-immune diseases.  I also just got new whole food complex vitamins that I am starting the family on too.  All this can’t hurt.  Next I’ll be reviewing and adjusting diet.


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