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Learning Curve October 29, 2010

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Last night I had one of the MS Lifeline nurses come to the house to go over information on the medication and to show us how to store it, administer it, and dispose of it.  The medication I am on (one of 4 types for RRMS- remitting relapsing multiple sclerosis), comes in preloaded syringes that I inject 3x a week.  When first beginning, the dosages are in a titration pack starting with 8mcg for 2 weeks, then moving to 22mcg for two weeks and then going to the full dose of 44mcg.

I had been hating/loving thursday night.  I REALLY don’t like needles, at all.  I have been ready to try and start medication since it has been shown that the early MS is diagnosed and treated, the better the prognosis will be.  This particular medication has also been shown to help repair some of the damage to the myelin sheath caused by the T4 cells.

The nurse was fantastic.  She had lots of information and was very warm and friendly. She went through the packets of information that have been coming in the mail lately and broke it down.  We then went through the administration of the medication.

There are to choices; manual injection using the syringe, or auto injector.  I chose auto injector.

I cleaned  off a spot to the side of my navel with an alcohol wipe.  Loaded the auto injector and held it to my stomach for a while as I looked at the nurse and laughed. I had my finger on the trigger, but it is hard to push it when you know its going to hurt.  I counted to three and pushed it.  But nothing happened.  The nurse reminded me that I had to load the spring by pushing the auto injector against the skin. Here goes….1….2…..3…and I pushed it.  I didn’t even feel it.  I counted to 10 and it was over.  I disposed of the syringe and put a cotton ball over the area and massaged it for a minute.  The medicine is injected under the skin (into the fat) and massaging helps spread it out.

It wasn’t that bad.

I am actually feeling pretty good today.  Some patients have no side effects.  THat is what I am hoping will continue.  I think I will keep dosing at night too that way I will remember and the time will stay consistent.  I will also be able to rest and sleep after I take it.

The chorus has just been written.


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