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Pay it Forward November 9, 2010

Filed under: Hot Deals,Parenthood — clappingonthedownbeat @ 9:46 PM

Did you ever see the movie Pay It Forward?  It had a great message that instead of paying someone back a favor, pay the favor forward to someone else.  Tonight I have been thinking of the importance of random acts of kindness and paying good deeds forward.

Are you up for a challenge this week?  How about helping someone out.  Not someone you “owe”, just someone who could use a good deed or words of praise and encouragement.

How about bringing a dinner over to a neighbor?  Or maybe just some baked cookies, or quick bread.  How about in the drive through, buying the person behind you, their coffee or meal?  Tell someone what a great job they are doing or how much they mean to you.

Here’s a coupon for Papa Murphy’s pizza.  There is one not to far from me on Coit and Parker and they have great pizza.

If you complete the challenge, leave me a comment and let me know what you did!

Look for my weekly meal plan tomorrow and grocery price matching deals.  I have been testing recipes this week.

I also will update the Black Friday page with more store ad releases.


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