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From Symphony to Concerto November 12, 2010

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A symphony is a musical piece that has several segments that normally involves an orchestra whereas a concerto is a piece that has three movements which include a soloist, who improvises, and an orchestra.

That’s were I feel like I am.  Life used to be like a symphony.  Childhood, adulthood, geriatric.  Now, I feel like I am improvising a solo.  I have had two blunders while trying to inject medication.  One time I had the autoinjector loaded and ready to go, pushed the button and thought, “wow, that didn’t hurt at all”.  Then realized I never pulled the cap off the syringe and when I unscrewed the auto injector all the medication spewed out.  Just blunders, and I know it;s going to take a while till it becomes routine, but, hey, this is not cheap medication.

I called today to order my next dosage and without insurance the medication runs over $2,000 for a months supply.

I got a subscription to neurology today.  It’s a free magazine that had all kinds of articles on different neurological disorders.  I am still trying to learn as much as I can, but I think the next step is to reach out.  I would really like to talk to more people who have been diagnoses with MS and see how treatments have gone for them.

I think in society we are driven to be independent, take care of ourselves and to not ask for help.  We are essentially a cultural group of loners.  I don’t think that’s our purpose.  I think we are here to connect with each other.  Treat all as neighbors.  Ask for help, offer help and connect.



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