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Happy Thanksgiving! November 24, 2010

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I am so thankful for many things this year.  I think I have a deeper appreciation.  Tonight I bumped up to my final dosage on ReBif, 44mcg.  It doesn’t sound like much, but when you look at the syringe, it seems like alot.  I have doubled the dosage from my previous injections.  It hurt a little more than before, and I’ll need to see if the side effects increase with the increased dosage.  I am still looking for other ways to possibly control/live with the MS.  I was reading in Job this week and the last thing he was afflicted with (after he lost his family and his wealth) was his health.  I think that is one of the most important things.  Take care of yourself.  Get physicals, listen to your body, eat balanced meals, exercise, stop smoking, breath deeply, and sleep.  Without our health how are we to enjoy life?

Here’s some last minute deals to check this weekend!

I frequently get to review and try products on a site called  Here’s one of the latest sites I am checking out and spreading the word on!  I love the collection of deals posted, especially with Black Friday shopping starting in a day!  Plan ahead so you can maximize your time and spend wisely!

<img src=\”\” alt=\”\”/>

Check out this deal I found from Juice in the City:

Sign up here and tell your friends!  You can get a $25 Amazon gift card for the holidays!

Pillow Pets $12 each sunday (only) at Albertsons.  IF you have the ad that came in todays paper, maybe you can price match at Target or Walmart.


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