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Waffle House- breakfast for dinner December 7, 2010

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My kids have been in swim lessons the last 5 weeks.  Every night, on our way to swim lessons we pass Waffle House.  I should mention, that for whatever reason, this seems to be their favorite restaurant.

When I first saw a Waffle House, we were on our way to Minnesota.  I walked in, and then walked back out.  Not to sound picky or snotty, but this just didn’t seem like a clean place to take a 1 year old and a 3 year old at the time.  It was filled with truckers and what appeared to be a group of lumberjacks.  We went for bagels instead.

However, my husband has fond memories of eating at Waffle Houses and one saturday morning we tried one not too far from the house.  It wasn’t too bad and the kids love affair was born.

Back to the swim lessons.  Since we passed it every night, they asked if we could eat there. I promised that on the last lesson we would have dinner at Waffle House.

*Sidenote: I love having breakfast for dinner.  Many of the good foods are breakfast foods.  I can eat breakfast at anytime.  I just can’t have non-breakfast foods for breakfast, like leftover pizza or a sandwich, you know?

It is a good thing it is inexpensive.  My son and daughter both ordered a kids waffle plate at $3, which includes milk, a belgian waffle and 2 strips of bacon.  I had scrambled eggs, toast, grits and a side waffle for the baby.  After eating all the bacon. my 2 slices of toast and devouring his waffle he asked for more.  I gave him half of the waffle that the baby was eating because there was no way he’d finish it.  He was already on his second dinner.  My daughter was upset that he got to eat some of the baby’s waffle and she wanted more, so I ordered another waffle.  My two older kids ate a waffle and a half, plus drank their milk and finished off my dinner. Plus the baby ate a half of waffle (again his second dinner, I fed him already during the swim lessons).  At least it only cost $20 with the tip!  Growing kids?  or just favorite foods?


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