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BIG Thanks December 21, 2010

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Alex, John, Pam, Tara, Scott, Loren, Erin, Dave ( Made in the 80’s bible study group)

I want to thank everyone that donated toys and money for Children’s Hospital in Plano. It started with a small idea to collect some toys for the kids that would be in the hospital over Christmas.  I told Erin that we should set a goal to collect 100 toys.  Tonight we dropped off over 150 toys to Children’s Hospital.  My heart swelled (like the Grinch’s) hearing how the kids would be able to receive gifts from Santa in a few days.  All 36 beds are filled in the hospital this week.  Kids with sickle-cell, cancer, RSV an other respiratory infections, and surgeries.  Children ranging in age from 4 days to 17 years.  Children who have been there from 2 days to 40 days, some repeat visitors.  The donations the hospital received will not only be used for Christmas gifts for patients and their siblings, but to replenish toys in the waiting room and play room, toys to be given after chemo has been completed, and toys to be given as a distraction during painful or uncomfortable procedures.

This year I will be grateful to be home with my family, unwrapping presents under the tree, playing with my healthy kids and eating meals together.

Thank you again for your generosity.  I think it was also amazing for us all to see the giving hearts and outpouring of love in action for others.


2 Responses to “BIG Thanks”

  1. Lou Ann Oliver Says:

    Way to go Amy!!!! I apologize for not getting a gift to you…..I am so glad you got so many….I am sure the families will really appreciate all of your generosity!!! See you soon!!! Lou Ann

  2. Tangie Says:

    THAT IS AWESOME! Makes my heart happy this morning! Have a very Merry Christmas! I love ur blog!

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