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New News January 12, 2011

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I made an appointment with a new neurologist.  A friend of mine had recommended hers and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to talk to someone else.  I really had accepted my diagnosis and have been following the treatment as part of a new walk.  Today I went in and brought my “folder” which contains the film (actually large negatives that are heavy and awkward to carry) and all my lab reports.  I shared with her the story from the beginning and asked what she would have done.

Would she have run the same tests?  Come to the same conclusions?  Made the same diagnosis?  Followed the same treatment?  Does she have a lot of MS patients? Did she have other resources for me?

Interestingly enough, she did have a lot of information.  I really really like her style.  She explained a lot.  She seemed more up to date.  And the best part, I really like when a doctor says “if it was me, I would……”.

She said she would have not diagnosed me with MS.  My labs are not conclusive and the big wild card is the Hashimoto’s.  IT actually can play a role in demyelination.  So she ordered some more tests.  In addition to the next MRI and blood work I was already scheduled for.  I don’t know if it is actually good news.  If it’s not MS then it is an autoimmune issue and my body can still go in to attack the myelin.  But, it would open up a whole new assortment of drugs to treat.  The ReBif (an MS drug) is very specific in what it does, so if I don’t have MS, it’s not going to really help.  She did say though to stay on the course of treatment that I am on and we’ll watch for the next couple of years and see what happens.

So, I highly recommend going to see other doctors to get their opinions.  She did say medicine was a medieval practice.  They actually don’t know a whole lot.  Especially drugs, many they don’t understand how they work- just that they do.  Also they are finding in neurology that more and more diseases can be traced back to the immune system.  Interesting.



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