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Over Protective Parent February 23, 2011

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We just got back from a mini-family vacation, which also happened to land on my youngest child’s FIRST birthday.

We had a fantastic time and I highly recommend the Great Wolf Lodge!  It was very family orientated and the kids had a blast.  The best part, of course it the water park.

The first day there we all headed down and they gave the kids colored wrists bands based on their height indicating which rides they would be able to use.  My oldest, qualifying for a green wristband was able to ride anything in the park.   My husband and I took turns taking our oldest down the “big rides”.  When it was my turn to go down the slides with him, he was very anxious to take me down the “Howlin’ Tornado”.  Sure.  I love water parks and I am game for any slide.

We quickly climbed the 103 stairs up to the ride platform.  I had to catch my breath for a second before we loaded into the inflatable raft, I sitting backwards, and he facing forwards.   As  lifeguard then pushed us down into a gigantic  8′ tall pitch black tube, I began to question if this ride really was safe for a six and a half-year old, especially as I suddenly plummeted straight down, screaming backwards.  Was he holding on tight enough?  Could he fall out?  When light appeared again we were cruising up and down the sides of what appeared to be an enormous funnel and then shot out into the pool at the bottom.  With a large grin on his face he then said, “let’s go mom, I’ll race you back to the top”!  In total, from top to bottom, the ride only lasts about 25 seconds.  Anything is bearable for 25 seconds.  “Sure, let’s go”!

The youngest also enjoyed himself at the water park.  I guess by the time you have your third child you loosen up a bit and allow for things to happen that you would never do with a first-born.  He got to eat PB crackers for snack, stay up late, and ride the kiddie water slide all by himself.  Yes, I sent my 1-year-old down a kiddie slide.  HE had lots of fun.  And I was worried about the older one….I tried to get a picture, but he went down so fast, I couldn’t get it.  I was of course catching him at the bottom.

We went out for dinner to celebrate the youngest’s first birthday.  We felt like BBQ and my husband remembered passing a place on the way over.

What would you think?  Well, I didn’t think about it until we got inside and I realized what they meant by “big rack”.  Think of it as a Hooters for BBQ.  And I was the only female not in a waitress uniform.  Oh, well.  Again, things you do on your third childs birthday.  He enjoyed it, especially the end.



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