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Bruises April 17, 2011

Filed under: Multiple Sclerosis,Parenthood — clappingonthedownbeat @ 10:31 PM

Some bruises show up quickly on our surfaces. Other are deeper inside.

Every few months I have to get blood drawn for various tests to check my thyroid, liver enzymes, vitamin levels, and blood counts.  Every time i have had a blood draw I bruise.  This picture doesn’t do the bruise justice.  It is about 6 inches long and a dark bluish purple and takes about a week to heal.  My youngest son just started walking and within 2 hours had 2 big crashes.  His nose and forehead are marked and the corner of his left eye is swollen.

These bruises are visible, but how many do we have that are below the skin?  How often do we respond to others that we are “fine” or “doing well” when really we are not.

As I was putting my oldest son to bed, I was telling him how much I love him and how I pray to God for him and keeping him healthy and safe.  He told me he worried about me. I told him that he didn’t have to worry, because he could pray to God too.  We can pass our burdens, our hurts, and our troubles over to God to carry them for us.  So we prayed together.  So simple, a child like faith, they don’t make it complicated.  Have you turned your bruises over to God?  If not what it holding you back?


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