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I’m OK May 7, 2011

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Many friends and acquaintances will frequently ask “how are you doing?”  And I know it is not at how have you been/how are you doing, that you normally ask people you run into.   But rather a, “so after the diagnosis how are you living?”

And I am ok.

Most days I don’t even think about it.  Most days, I don’t feel any different than before.  Three days a week I am reminded that something has changed and I take my shot.  When I get a headache, the first thing I think now is, “could that be another lesion?” When something feels a little off I wonder “what now could my body possibly be attacking?”  Most days, however, I just live life.

Yes, my song had changed and it has taken me a while to listen and find the beat.  Whatever this is, MS or an autoimmune myelin attack, I have found things that work well for me.  We are not cookie cutters where one option will fit all.  I have assembled a band that my body has seemed to respond to.  These things I highly recommend for anyone, healthy or not.  As always, talk to your doctor before starting exercise or taking supplements.

(1) Get a complete physical.

This means ask for an EKG, it’s a good baseline.  Get a full blood panel screen ( check vitamin D levels, iron, thyroid, ect….)

(2) Have an eye exam

Ask for a MAP scan of the eye.  Did you know the eye is the window to the body?  With this scan the Dr. can tell if you have high blood pressure and see other diseases in the body

(3) Take a vitamin supplement

Try to eat a healthy balanced diet.  But we don’t all do that, so add a good supplement.  I have one I like- but I am not selling anything so research and find one you like.  If you have deficiencies (from your blood work up) add those too like B12, iron, calcium, D….

(4) Take a probiotic

Best thing I have ever done.  I started on one that was recommend to me from an acquaintance who also has an MS diagnosis.  I notice a big difference in how I feel day to day.  I personally believe that much of our health starts from the gut.  The intestines are what pulls out the nutrients the body needs to give energy to the cells to then run the systems in our body.  Not enough nutrients, or “crap” in the gut, lack of energy to the body to perform.  Not to mention some of the “bad” bacteria we carry in our bodies.  Anyway, enough soap box- go check it out for yourself.

(5) Fish oil and omega-3’s

(6) Water- keep hydrated


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