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Fancy Pants May 14, 2011

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My daughter will be 5 in July, and for a while now she has been emulating.  If I put on a skirt, she wants to change into a skirt.  She wants her nails the same color as mine, or wants mine to be the same as hers.  Last week I played with a bleach pen.  I had seen an idea to transform an old pair of jeans.  Of course, mini-me, needed a pair too.

Today we had a mommy and me date.  I took her out to the mall to go ice skating and a soft pretzel (my kids favorite snack).  We got lots of compliments and questions about our “fancy pants”.

Here’s what I did:

Lay a pair of jeans or pants out on a flat surface.  Place newspaper through the leg so the bleach does not bleed through.  Use a Clorox bleach pen to make a design.  The bleach pen has a “pen point” on one end that works well for drawing.  Thicker lines work better than thin light lines.

Let the bleach gel dry for at least two hours or longer.  When it dries it looks like dried cracked paint.  Toss in the wash and then dry.  That’s it!  You could embellish more if you wanted with iron-on rhinestones, glitter paint or whatever you fancy.

On another crafty note… are the teacher gifts I made for teach appreciation.  Super easy, and the instructions are linked below.



One Response to “Fancy Pants”

  1. Michelle Mae Says:

    Amy, we should definitely do those two crafts at mops. Those are seriously cute!


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