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Slow down you move to fast June 13, 2011

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Summer is here and already I feel like it is moving too fast and before I know it the kids will be off going to school again.  I feel like I have begun to mark the years by the grades the kids are in.  I want to live more in the moment and not looking towards or at the next event, plan or trip.     PHOTO

I am in the process of trying to reorganize and balance out my life.  I have been busy.  Busy with important stuff, but also busy with non-important stuff.  So now I am going to re-evaluate and prioritize.  Big goals and little goals.  I want to get back to and discover things I am passionate about.  Learning, loving, teaching, creating, reading, appreciating.

(1) I am going to do something “in the moment” everyday.  And I am not going to stress out about it.  – Little

(2) Grow my mind.  I am going to learn something new – Big

(3) I am going to recruit my husband to build me a sewing table by July and I am going to make my daughter and I skirts – Little

(4) I will complete a 10 week bible study, starting tomorrow – Little

(5) I will open my heart to change – Big

(6)  Finish the books in my reading pile (2 down 6 to go)

(7) Give more

What are your goals?  I don’t want to be swept away with what the world offers; complacency, apathy, greed and haste.  I’ll keep you posted on the change.


One Response to “Slow down you move to fast”

  1. bk Says:

    Hmmm…Goals…I will make my wife a sewing table by July 7th, 2011….so she can sew skirts for my daughter:-)
    Change is tough…sometimes it takes “Growing Your Mind” to change perspective on things. Like “Love vs Respect”…not bad, just different. bk

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