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Letting my hair down June 26, 2011

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I am a very high strung type personality.  SO this summer I am trying to relax and let go.  Hence, the hair.  Many of the boys are sporting mohawks this summer.  When my son asked for one I said “why not”?  It looks cool (temperature wise) and that’s what the summer is for.  It will grow out by the time school starts and it’s a haircut mom can do with the clippers (it hides lots of mistakes).

I also killed a black widow spider and I believe her mate tonight as well.  I was sweeping away some webs and thought I would move some stuff around and then  BOOM there she is.  At first I thought it was just a black spider, but when the family came out to look at it (we love bugs and insects around here) they pronounced that it was in fact a widow, a southern black widow, whose trade mark red hour glass is on the underside.   Lovely.  First time I have encountered one.  Prayerfully, my last.  I calmly swept them out and smashed them both with an iron sand pounder.

Although we are keeping to our “schedule” this summer, I am being relaxed in the afternoons for fun spur of the moment activities, playing at McDonalds, visiting the Snow Cone Lady, the science museum, and everyone favorite, swimming.


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