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What Goes Around July 12, 2011

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When I was in about third grade chicken pox was going around the neighborhood.  I think it was the custom then that parents arranged playdates so every child got infected and got over it.  I remember distinctly breaking out over Christmas break and watching from our sliding glass door all my neighborhood friends playing in the snow and sledding.

Now flash forward.  It seems we, I included, have become germ/virus/disease -aphobes.  Kids are sheltered from common play areas, we constantly sanitize areas, disinfect places, alcohol rub hands……What are we creating?  What are we forcing bacteria and viruses to do?

Now, we have many vaccines for common viruses and antibiotics for bacterial infections.  I am pro-vaccine.  If it’s out there, let’s get it. The more immune the better.

I often have to go for blood draws and I like conversing with the phlebotomist, sometimes it can take a while.  One time we were talking about blood banks and blood donation and that they not only collect blood but also platlets and plasma.  He often gave blood because his antibody count was in the high thousands and was often used for intravenous immunoglobulin. In a healthy immune system, antibodies are produced in response to foreign substances known as antigens. These antigens may be bacteria or viruses that can make an individual sick. The body can develop a specific type of antibody that will target and destroy the source of the infection. Intravenous immunoglobulin is used when an individual has a disorder that interferes with the normal immune system response. This blood product is an effective autoimmune disease treatment. An autoimmune disorder is when the body’s immune system is overactive and attacks its own healthy tissue cells. Those individuals who have an autoimmune disorder lack a specific component in their blood that can determine the difference between normal tissue cells and an invading foreign substance. Intravenous immunoglobulin can supply these individuals with the missing blood component to help ease the symptoms of an autoimmune disorder.

Anyway, I was thinking about all of this because my daughter got 5ths diesease (what is it?) at the end of preschool this year.  Then the baby gets it just before the 4th and now the oldest has it.


I was thinking how this was a good thing.  Maybe I should have virus spreading planned playdates (did I hear you gasp?)  Think of it this way, chicken pox in kids is really not so bad, then your done.  As an adult it can be very serious turning into shingles.  5ths as a child is no big deal, but as an adult can settle in the joints and be very painful for up to 5 weeks.  And not to mention how scary these can be for pregnant women.  So that’s why I’d rather build up their immune systems now rather than have suffer possible consequences later as an adult.



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