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Wrinkles in the brain July 20, 2011

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In my pre-mommy days I was a High School Science Teacher.  I LOVE teaching.  I do miss it some days.  And since my children have a teacher as a mommy, they practice basic skills all summer.  Reading, writing and arithmetic (math).  I just don’t like the idea of working for 9 months out of the year and then taking 3 months off.  Children lose so much of what they worked on.

Abstract from a University of Missouri study

A review of 39 studies indicated that achievement test scores decline over summer vacation. The results of the 13 most recent studies were combined using meta-analytic procedures. The meta-analysis indicated that the summer loss equaled about one month on a grade-level equivalent scale, or one tenth of a standard deviation relative to spring test scores. The effect of summer break was more detrimental for math than for reading and most detrimental for math computation and spelling.

I thought I would share some websites that we use.



Map Testing





MAP Testing

Just click on the “Tumblebooks” tab under “Related Links”.

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