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Hot Deals August 26, 2011

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I was at Walmart today grabbing some supplies and I noticed a HUGE clearance section.  Not sure if they all have a big clearance section but off Lake Forest and ElDorado (for those of you near McKinney TX) this one did.  Tons of stuff.  Kids clothes around $2, craft supplies, fabric, all the gardening seasonal items (you know they need room for the holiday stuff), and of course toys!  Stock up!  I bought some lego boxes that were originally $10 for $6 and some girl toys originally $13 for $9.  I like to keep these in the spare closet in my “birthday bag”.  When the kids get invited to a party I just go to it and pick out a gift and wrap it.  No stress or last minute purchases.

Did you get your BirchBox yet?


 For only $10 a month, and you can stop anytime, Birchbox will send you a sample box each month filled with goodies to try.  I really like a lot of the products in the box this month.  Are you interested?  Sign up


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