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Fumbles, Flops and Failures September 17, 2011

Filed under: Parenthood — clappingonthedownbeat @ 2:25 PM

It all started with this:

Looks good?  It was a new recipe for a lemon/cornmeal cookie/biscotti.  In case you follow my recipes for the weekly meal plans, I do test the recipes and the flops don’t make it.  Only things family approved get posted.  And this was no so hot.  As you can see I did eat it.  Twice.  I tried after it came out and then after it cooled. Disappointing.  Especially when it comes to sweets.

So I started thinking about all we have been through this week, and it’s been a lot (just call me Job), and how I need to appreciate all the flops, fumbles and failures life brings my way.  Without them how would I know to change a recipe, to not repeat the same mistake (oh yeah the consequences help too), try another approach, apologize and start again.  This is how we learn and grow.  In science we love failures, it means we can rule something out as we look for an answer.  And the best part if the last “f”.  Forgiveness.  Learning to forgive others, and especially forgiving myself.  We are not built perfect, but flawed.


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