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I am so productive I can’t get anything done October 30, 2011

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I am laughing as I write this.  It’s sunday and I am finishing up all the projects that I tried to start or work on this week.  Laundry, sheets, making beds, cooking, craft projects, home projects.  Did I mention least week I roasted a beautiful butternut squash to make soup and I turned off the oven, ran an errand and then forgot the squash.  It sat in the oven all night and then next day.  Since I have been taking the culinary classes I am hyper aware of food safety now.  The food danger zone is 41-135 degrees.  Food cannot sit out in these temperatures for more than 4 hours.  This is the temperature that bacteria and food bourne illnesses thrive at.  So I threw it out.  I live in this state of slowly working on bits and pieces of things because the interruptions I have I wouldn’t trade.  My toddler wakes from a nap and wants to be read. My daughter wants to help decorate cookies (clean up will set me back an hour at least!), my son wants to make science experiments, or watch his “new trick”.  These are moments I will never get back and I don’t want them to grow up and think that mom had more important things to do (like clean, make phone calls….) than spend time with them.  I have had to learn to prioritize very specifically.  My desk has piles of “to be done”.  When I have quiet time to make/return phones calls, study or email/browse on the computer I try to get those done first.  Maybe a few minutes in the morning, or during nap time.  At night after the kids are in bed I try to schedule in a little me time, reading, watching a favorite show that I taped or talking to my hubby.  The rest of the day is spent dividing my time to maintaining order and giving attention.  SO far I have finished the laundry, including sheets and my bed is just waiting on the blankets to finish in the dryer.  I bought more squash to roast.  I practiced all my cuts on a 10 lb bag of potatoes  and delivered 3 containers of baked potato soup (so delicious!), and taught a yoga class.  Today I not only was productive, but also accomplished!


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