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Post birthday Pics March 8, 2012

Filed under: Interests,Parenthood — clappingonthedownbeat @ 1:57 PM

I have been taking pictures on my phone more and forgot to post the Dinosaur Train birthday/playdate since they were on my camera.  Yesterday I went on the 1st grade field trip to the aquarium.  My favorite were the jellyfish.  They are beautiful to watch, but they have a nasty sting.  I used to get stung every year on vacation in Florida.


Here is the train cake.  I love to bake cakes, but I am not a fan of decorating….


He was very happy guy with a house full of friends and lots of “teats”  (treats).  He especially loves M&M’s!

On to the next birthday.  Mine is next week and I will post some of my favorite things and a giveway!


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