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Organization fever March 10, 2012

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I have a confession……I am not the type who watches day time TV.  However I have recorded a few Nate Berkus shows in the past week and I love all the ideas on there.  I have been inspired to do some of my own projects.

(1) Jewelry

I used a paper towel bar and fixed it to the side of my shelves in the closet to hang my bracelets and watches on.  No more digging for bracelets in the bottom of a drawer.

I bought a 12×12 frame at Michealsand took out the glass.  I bought chicken wire and cut out a 12×12 piece and put it into the frame with a piece of scrapbook paper in the back and made a box to hang my earings on.  Now I can see them and they aren’t all twisted up in my jewelry box.


(2) Shoes

I am no Carrie Bradshaw, but I do have some shoes and boots.  I can’t stand them all over the floor of my closet, so I bought a hanging shoe organizer from Ikea for my slip ons and sandals and hung it from one of the rods.  I also bought boot hangers from Container Store.  I LOVE these.  It also keeps the boot’s shape.  I bought a cheap towel bar from Home Depot and my Hubby painted it to match my closet shelves and hung it underneath them.  I can hang my heels and low boots on it.

I saw a cute wreath on pinterest and I think I am going to make a wreath to hang in this curved entry way I have.  I also want to get some wood cut into blocks at home depot for a decorating project…..maybe I should stop recording Nate Berkus and go back to my cooking shows!


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