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What to eat? April 8, 2012

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Thanks for all your help voting in the Yoga Journal Talent Search.  Contest ends April 17th and you can vote 5x a day per IP address.

Feel free to pass it on to friends/facebook/whatever for me too!
After the last post so were wondering, what is safe that I can eat?  Lots!  Just be informed about your food.
Look to see where your food is coming from.  I prefer to purchase local if possibly and then at least fromt the US.  We as consumers like to eat out of season produce so it comes in from all over the world.
Produce should all be washed at home, before it is put away.  Clean your sink with some cold water and bleach.  Then fill the sink up again  with  12 c. cold water and add 1 oz. vinegar, or lemon juice and soak produce in a strainer in the sink for 5-10 minutes.
Keep cold food cold and hot food hot.  When you are cooking don’t let cold ingredients sit out on the counter.  Use them and then put them away.
If you throw cracked egg shells in your sink, be sure to clean your sink out with bleach and cold water frequently.
Trying some new recipes this week, so I will post them soon!

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