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As Seen On April 18, 2012

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* Disclaimer: opinions are strictly my own and I was in no way compensated for this.

About a year ago, I was borrowing a pack-n-play from a friend and when she came to the door she had her hair wrapped in a towel.  My daughter never forgot this, and often would remind my friend about how she had a towel on her head when we saw her.

I later came to find out this was no ordinary towel.  This was a turbie twist, as seen on tv.  A few friends have commented how they LOVE this product.

Flash forward to this week.  I was in CVS buying allergy medication and happened to notice a section of “As Seen on TV” products and there is a turbie twist!  Only $5.99

So I bought it and tried it out.  I loved it so much I went out that evening and bought one for my daughter too!  It wraps hair securely and if it is wet dries it out enough that you can still blow dry and style it or just go to bed with slightly damp hair.  I am a fan!  I would highly recommend one for yourself.



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