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Fun Pics! May 8, 2012

Filed under: Crafts — clappingonthedownbeat @ 1:15 PM

A dear friend is having her second baby and a few of us surprised her with a little girls-night out/shower.  She is having a boy, so we had a ball shower.  Ball shaped food (meat balls, watermelon balls, cheese ball, cake balls), ball candy (gum balls, m&m’s, lemon heads) and of course toy balls.


It is also teacher appreciation week, so I have been busy putting together gifts.  Monday was flower day.  I forgot to take a picture, but I made fabric book marks with a cute ribbon flower at the top.  Tuesday was card/note day so I made feather pens and attached notepads.  Tomorrow is sweet day, I bought them each one of my favorite chocolate bars, Chocolate Love.  Thursday is wich list/school supply day, so I made pencil holders out of pencils that they can take apart and filled the container with glue sticks and supplies.  Since my daughter is out of school friday for a tonsilectomy I also dropped in Sonic gift cards too.  Friday is be creative day and I figured I covered that on Thursday.  I found LOTS of cute ideas on pinterest, so if you are in need I would start there.


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