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Popsicles Pudding Pasta May 11, 2012

Filed under: Parenthood — clappingonthedownbeat @ 12:21 PM

My almost 6 year old had her tonsils out this morning at 7am.  I have to say she follows after her mom.  After 4 cases of strep (the last just 2 weeks ago), allergies and restless sleep we decided it was time for them to go.  The doctor took a picture and  I have to say, they look very close to the size mine were.  They also removed her adenoids.  In most children they are the size of peas, hers were the size of grapes.  Confirmation, that we made the right choice.  I believe that we were more susceptible to strep since the boys in the house never got strep, and I even fed the toddler off my spoon before I was diagnosed!

She is doing very well, she says she has no pain and is requesting mac and cheese for lunch!


One Response to “Popsicles Pudding Pasta”

  1. Pamela Says:

    What a cutie! You better give her lots of loving!!

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