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Mama Wants a Rest May 13, 2012

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I was asked what I would like for Mother’s Day this year and I simply replied, “a nap”.  Is it so terrible I don’t want to go to an all you can eat buffet with my family and everyone else’s?  Wait in line to pay $12.95 a plate?  Is it terrible I don’t want to spend time today hanging out with my kids? To not want a bouquet of flowers that will wilt and die and I will have to clean up and throw out?  Is is ok to be a little self indulgent for today?

I see Mother’s Day as a recognized holiday for me.  If I was “working a real job” I would have the day off like Labor Day, New Year’s or Thanksgiving.  So I declare Mother’s day as a day of rest.

Everyday is Mother’s Day for me.  And I don’t say that to be cheesy or cliché.  I love cooking for my family and sharing a meal with them at my dinner table.  Nothing makes me feel more proud than my son proclaiming “Mom, THIS was the BEST meal you ever made”.   With my youngest of three still at home I cherish the time we have reading books, watching Thomas the Train, laughing at the funny things he says and asks, hugging, kissing, and loving on him while he still takes my “love abuse”.  I adore the simple moments my daughter picks weeds as bouquets for me, or even accidentally picks my planted annuals from the garden.  I know she does it out of affection.

Being a mother means constantly sweeping up crumbs from the floor, wiping spilled milk, cleaning boogers with your shirt, eating cold meals while serving others first, changing diapers, endless loads of laundry, carpool, homework……the everyday is Mother’s Day.

So today, I just wanted a day off.

Thank you Family,

Love, MOM


One Response to “Mama Wants a Rest”

  1. Lena Says:

    Nothing wrong at all with wanting a day off! We deserve it, and really every other day is Kids’s Day, so one day where Mom gets to choose sounds a-ok with me. And I will take sleeping in and a long, childless bath over any other Mothers’s Day anytime!

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