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I {heart} Texas May 30, 2012

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We returned from a fabulous trip to Houston.  We had a fantastic time.  I was very impressed by all there is to do and see in Houston.  We stayed at the Omni, a luxurious hotel.  This picture is behind the hotel looking out at the two pools.  They also had a large pond with black swans.


The kids got backpacks when we checked in, my youngest never took it off.  It had some toys, crayons and a snack in it.

After checking into the hotel we went downtown for dinner and ate at the Hard Rock.  It was across from the Aquarium, which was open till 11pm.


The next day we had a sumptuous breakfast at Fountain View Cafe. My my my…..yum.  I would drive back to Houston just for the pancakes here.  They were light, spongy, crepe-like, delicious.  We ate breakfast there Twice, yes Twice.


We then headed to the Children’s Museum.  It was awesome.  Voted one of the best children’s museum by Parents magazine.  I would have to agree.  Three thumbs up from us.


SO many hands on activities for kids of all ages.

Our last day we saved for the Space Center.  This is where I really wanted to go.  I could have spent the whole day there.  About 30 miles south of downtown is the Houston Space Center and the Johnson Space Center where the astronauts train, oh and Mission Control ( Houston, we have a problem).


Above is the astronaut training facility where they have replicas of the shuttle and ISS (International Space Station).  They are also testing land rovers, and robots here as well.  Oh, FYI, there were major security checks along the tour at the Johnson Space Center.


The space shuttle has been retired.  It was a partially reusable launch and orbital spacecraft.  The program started in 1981 used for a total of 135 missions (Hubble, ISS, anti-gravity experiments).  Previously, the spacecrafts were not reusable, if you saw Apollo 13, you’ll remember only the three person capsule made it to re-entry via parachute into the ocean.  The shuttle actually was flown back and landed on a runway.


Inside the space center are exhibits, live demonstrations, kids play area, flight simulators, and movies.


Like I said before, I could have spent the whole day at the space center, but we had to head back home.  We had a great time and I would definitely head back to Houston to hit the rest of my must see list.


2 Responses to “I {heart} Texas”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Amy–that looks like a fabulous trip! Any tricks to getting a good rate at the Omni?

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