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The Price We Pay June 10, 2012

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You can’t see me, but I am standing on a stool…..

I love technology.  The practice of medicine has come so far.  I can have my MRI’s one night and walk out with the images on a disk in 10 minutes.  My doctor can e-mail my lab results.  I love that communication has been made easier.  I can send my husband a message at work without disturbing him.  I can leave messages for my friends instead of listening to the phone ring on and on.  I have information at my fingertips in minutes without a trip to the library. I don’t need phone books anymore.  I can map directions to anywhere in the world in under a minute.  Don’t get me wrong,


I don’t want to listen to a phone conversation in a public restroom.

I don’t want to see a phone light up in my yoga class.

Every business company has a Facebook page for advertising and it’s invading the SOCIAL space.

No I won’t *like* you.

I get soliciting text messages.

I have to figure out what is a reliable source for information and protect my kids while surfing the net.

I have to remember to constantly plug things in.

Something in my house always seems to be making a “ping”  noise.

I think we have created busy time with our electronic devices.  Yes, some emails do require our attention, but I think we also spend hours surfing the web, follow rabbit trails of webs page links, pining on boards, updating a status, posting a picture, emailing a response, texting a message, searching the web…..What has happen to our relationships?  They certainly haven’t deepened.  As  scroll down my facebook page I see lots of posts from friends.  But this is just a superficial “checking in”.  What happened to dropping by for coffee? Writing a letter?  Talking on the phone?  Are we so busy now that we don’t have time to build relationships?  Meet new friends?  Relationships take time.  Do we have that to share and give anymore?    I have pulled back off facebook and I am going to try to watch my browsing habits.  I don’t want all this technology to reprioritize my life.  I would much rather have 3 deep friendships than 300 friends.  It is hard to keep up with all their posts anyway.


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  1. Carol Says:

    Love you comments!!

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