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Another project! June 15, 2012

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I have had this bug lately for fixing up old furniture……It is starting to get really hot here now and it is going to prevent me from working in the garage for a while.  THis may be the last big project for a while  (your welcome hubby).

This is the dresser I found for $14

It was in bad shape, but I saw potential in it.  We had a TV cabinet in the playroom, but since it had glass doors, and the kids had almost broke them off, we took them off.  And now the 2 year old climbs in it and on it.

I wanted to distress it, and I saw a technique using vaseline.  Why not?

I sanded down all the rough spots (chipped wood, scratches, but left a little for a distressed look) I then painted all the edges with a cream paint I got for $2 at the oops! spot in Home Depot.  After it dried I went over the edges with vaseline using my fingers.  The more you use the more will sand off revealing the color underneath.  You can also see I filled in the old drawer pulls because I wanted to move them and use different ones.


Next I painted the whole thing chocolate brown.  2 coats.  I let it dry and then I took a sanding block and went over the edges I had put vaseline on.  The brown paint came off super easy and left the cream paint showing through.  I then sprayed a clear coat over the whole thing.


I added new drawer pulls (that is actually the most expensive part of the project at $4 a drawer pull) and then stenciled numbers on the drawers.  Here is the finished project!


It nows stores the kids board games, dvds, and dress up clothes.

I also finished a tray from IKEA with a little spray paint, paper and modge podge.


And I painted a stool too!

My next project is to clean and declutter and organize in the house (toys….clothes…..ect).  It’s air conditioned in the house so I can gets lots of decluttering done!


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