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Band June 28, 2012

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old english- bond

band (plural bands)

  1. A strip of material wrapped around things to hold them together.
  2. A strip along the spine of a book where the pages are attached.
  3. A group of musicians, especially (a) wind and percussion players, or (b) rock musicians.
  4. A type of orchestra originally playing janissary music; i.e. marching band.
  5. A group of people loosely united for a common purpose (a band of thieves).
  6. (physics) A part of radio spectrum.
  7. (physics) A group of energylevels in a solid state material. Valence bandconduction band.
  8. (anthropology) A small group of people living in a simple society.
  9. (Canada) A group of aboriginals that has official recognition as an organized unit by the federal government of Canada.


I have been thinking this week about how connected or unconnected we are.  In this culture, where I live, we pride ourselves on independence and reliance on no one.  We are islands.  We can do it all ourselves.  We need to help.  No assistance.  However, then we live in isolation.  Alone.  Disconnected.

With all the recent health issues we have had going on (by the way we have had good test results come back from the ENT, ophthalmologist and from pathology) I have had an outpouring of meals, offers for help, concerned phone calls, and childcare help.  If I accept assistance in the form of meals, carpools for my kids or childcare does that mean that I am weak?  Not up to par?  Needy?  A burden?

Of course not.  By accepting help I allow for others to bless me by relieving my burden, I allow others to serve me.  That is what we are called to do.  We are not called to be self-sufficient isolated machines.  We are called to love each other, serve each other, give.  Lay our life on the line.  How can we do that?  Bring a friend, a neighbor, a new mom, someone recovering from surgery a meal.  Offer a ride if your co-worker’s car is in the shop.  Lend a hand.  Open a door.  Smile.  Lead with your heart.  Choose not to be offended.

We are connected.  It’s called the web of life for a reason.  I can’t begin to express in words how I have been blessed this past week.  My hear swells with the outpouring of concern and love over my family.  And I know I will have a turn to pay it forward by blessing another in their time of need.  Not because I have to, but because I want to.

If you read all the meanings for band above, you will see that no matter what your interpretation is; music, science, glue, or people, we are in this together.  Connected.  There is more that makes us similar and relatable than that makes us different.  We need each other.  Not because we are weak, but because it makes us stronger.  Stronger like music pouring out from an orchestra.  Stronger like the strength of a book spine holding all the pages together, complete.  Stronger like a radio spectrum carrying a message.  Stronger like a simple society with a common purpose.  To serve.


One Response to “Band”

  1. Jenn Says:

    What a true post! It is hard to be strong all the time. You have been strong since I met you many moons ago! Good thoughts to Brian and all of you…

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