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Life Lesson/Green Monster July 17, 2012

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Yesterday was the beginning of a new week.  Week 2 for Hubby’s treatments.  Big kids were going off to camp for the week.  And I started out the day with this:


Yes, that is a big nail/screw in my tire.  The low tire pressure light came on the car’s dashboard and when I had stopped to drop the kids off and saw the tire, it was almost flat.  So, I decided to put air in it so I could get home and then to the shop to have it fixed.  Well, here is what I learned yesterday.  When you see a pump  like this:


You simply can not place the end of it over the tire.  I learned that it will just let ALL the air out of the tire.  AHA!  That was the shhhhhh noise I heard.  See the round red button on the top of the air machine?  It has to be pushed and turn on then it will fill the tire up.  DUH!  Here’s your sign.  Thank you.    I did make it home and I did get it fixed.

On to my second rambling….

Have you ever had a twinge of envy or jealousy?  Even for a second?  Maybe longer?  Was it over someone else’s car, house, clothes, image, status, job, talents, or life?  On the outside, sometimes the picture looks so perfect, so much better than what we have.  Looks can be so deceiving.

Near our church there is a gazing pasture for cows.  One Sunday as we drove by we saw a large cow by the fence with her head stuck through the barbed wire eating the long grass on the other side.  As we laughed I wondered, was the grass better tasting on the other side of the fence?  I am sure it was going to cost her some pain to pull her head back through the barbed wires of the fence.

When we pine for what we don’t have and become jealous or envious, it can take us down a path that can cost us more than we are willing to pay.  It can take root and eat at us.

Society provides us with many ways to try to “fix” our unhappiness or jealousies.  Just watch TV or looks through ADS.  We are constantly told we can change how we look (nip/tuck, cover your grays with dye, diet and exercise fads), we are told and sold things we think we need (have a child watch and infomercial and they will tell you how ______ will help you and how much you need it).

I have faced disappointment in my own body, realizing it is broken and that it can’t do everything I want to push it to do.  But it doesn’t make me want to change in the body I have.  On my way to teach yoga last week I saw this:


As I turned the corner it came into full view.  It was a full arching rainbow across the sky.  If we took the time to focus on the beauty in the mess, on not on looking/wanting elsewhere we could find more peace.



One Response to “Life Lesson/Green Monster”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I hope Week 2 treatments go well!

    Confession–I often find myself jealous of other people that I perceive have it “easier” than I do. When I was working full-time, I was jealous of stay-at-home moms. When I became a stay-at-home mom, I was jealous of other SAHMs that I perceived had more free time or more money to do things in one income. It’s something I’m working on, this green-eyed monster.

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