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Waiting Game July 19, 2012

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Have you ever felt unfairly treated?  It takes quiet a bit to upset me, I really try to not get bent out of shape (in public at least) for fear that someone will see me (like a yoga student).

However, yesterday I ran into Costco quickly to return some applesauce packets that had been leaking.  I stepped into the return line and waited.  There was one woman in front of me returning some rawhide.  If you have never been to Costco, near the returns, there are two lines one on the side of the counter for returns and one in front of the counter for membership services.  There were about 5 people in the membership line.  To make the story short, I waited for 15 minutes with no one acknowledging me, telling me they would help me in a minute, anything.  After the woman finished with the lady in front of me she moved to help someone else at the other counter.   When I asked for help and a new person came she helped a guy at member service.  The woman waiting behind me left.  This went on, I even asked a manager for assistance.  Finally someone did help me.  But I was really shocked at the abominable service.  So I wrote an email.  To Costco, assuming it would be lost in cyber space.  I sent it today at 2pm.  I have an email response from an actual person, not a computer generated “thank you for your feedback” response at 3:30pm.  As I was driving to go pick my kids up from camp I received a phone call from the store’s general manager at 4:30pm inquiring about my experience.  He apologized and said he would personally look into the situation, and call a meeting with that department because this was not the only complaint.  I am impressed.  That is service.

Do companies still strive for customer satisfaction?  As customers we have a lot of buying power.  But do we use it?  Do we voice unsatisfaction?  When I really like a place of service I recommend it to my friends and I praise it.  But I think it is also important to point out and give feedback to companies when they are not doing their job.  Not in a mean-spirited angry way, but in a constructive feedback way.

So today, I had a follow-up with my dermatologist.  When I checked in the receptionist told me that the doctor was out sick and that I would be seen by one of the other practitioners.  I asked if they were running on time.  I arrived at 9 for a 9:15 appointment.  I told her I had somewhere to be  after this.  She assured me they were.  A courtesy would have been to let the patients know if possible that the doctor was out and given me the option to reschedule.  So I sat and waited.  I have spent a lot of time in waiting rooms.  At 9:30, with a full waiting room and having only watched one person be called back, I told the receptionist I wanted to reschedule.  That is was rude to make me wait past my appointment time when I told her I had somewhere to  be.

How is it that if I miss a doctor’s appointment they will charge me, but if left in the waiting room for 30-40 minutes passed your appointment time (it has happened more than once to me),  I don’t get a discount or a free visit?  Is my time less important or valuable?  That really irks me that as a paying customer to their business/practice I am treated with poor service.  Just let me know the doctor is running late or out sick, give me the opportunity to make a choice to wait or reschedule.

Ok, ok.  I am done ranting.

I guess I need more patience since both of these incidents happened two days in a row.


2 Responses to “Waiting Game”

  1. Carol Says:

    Well said! I too have been in the same situation in a doctors office. I asked for a discount because I was kept waiting for an hour, and they gave it to me. I did not have to pay the copay.

  2. Michelle Says:

    I, too, have wasted countless hours in doctors’ waiting rooms. Thanks to your comments and Carol’s, I am going to be much more assertive from now on and ask for the courtesy of accommodation. Thank you!

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