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A day in the Life August 2, 2012

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Here is a snapshot of a day in the life at our house this summer.

  Josh has to have his milk first thing in the morning.

 The kids have breakfast.

Brian has gone to work everyday through his treatments this month.  He has done remarkably well.  Then we head out for an activity (camps, swimming, playdate, movie, ect).  We come home and have lunch.  Josh goes down for a nap and Jack and Kate work on “homework”.






They work on math (dominos, dice, worksheets), writing, spelling, and reading.  We have been reading lots of books and the incentive is to watch the movie after we finish.  Jack has gotten into the Diary of a Whimpy Kids series.  We have also read How to Eat Fried Worms.  Kate started the Junie B series.

In the afternoon we have free time (tv, video games, play time….) and then have dinner.  We have done some fun activities too.

   Jack and I went Go-Kart racing.

   Josh learned how to use an ipod

Kate had a pedicure.

Summer is slowing down.  Grandma K leaves next week.  Kids are registered for fall sports, soccer and football.  I have bought school supplies and I am starting to get e-mail from the school district.  Now only if the fall weather would start to come, or rain………


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