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Unwelcomed Guest August 9, 2012

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Centruroides vittatus-  Striped Bark Scorpion

The other day we almost stepped on this intruder

Luckily the Hubby spotted it, although I am not sure how since it blended in well on our wood floors.  Apparently these are common in the south, and do find their way into homes.  They are not poisonous, but a sting would hurt very bad for 15-20 minutes.  It is now being held captive on my kitchen counter.  Yes, I caught it.  We seem to capture many an inspect or arachnid for close inspection.  And NO, we haven’t seen snakes and I would not try to catch one.  I will leave that to the boys when they go back to Sweetwater.


2 Responses to “Unwelcomed Guest”

  1. Michelle Mae Says:

    Good catch, Amy! Moms who aren’t afraid of bugs rock! 🙂 I love reading your blog.

  2. Nancy Says:

    We haven’t seen any of those yet! But we have had several snakes and black widows in our yards and porches.

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