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Biting Words August 17, 2012

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This morning while I was teaching a gentle Yin Yoga class, my youngest was bitten in the childcare center, on his lip.  Not sure exactly what happened, but something to the effect that the other little boy and him were (playing/fighting?) over a toy.  I have been on both ends.  I think it is easier to be the mom of the child that was bit, rather than the mom of the child that bites.  They had to leave the child center.

It’s sure a good thing we as adults don’t do that.

Or do we?

Have you ever spoke biting words to someone?  Spoke harshly?  criticized?  I will be the first to admit I have said hurtful, harsh, negative, complaining/criticizing words to someone before.  Well, actually,  I have even said them to my husband.

Children model our behavior, so they may not be able to express how they feel in words at 2 or 3 or even 6, but they may express it in actions.  The physical bite may stop as they age, but I think the emotional does not.  Humm  deep thoughts for today.

May I continue to practice patience, gentle thoughts, words and actions.  If I have hurt you with my words, forgive me.  I will be handing out ice packs this afternoon.


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