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Simmer Down August 25, 2012

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It’s Saturday night and I have a mess of pots in my kitchen.

I like to cook, a lot, on the weekends.  First off, I have the time to be around at home usually to let things simmer, roast, stew, and bake.  Secondly, with two kids now in sports I can prepare meals ahead for the week.

We had a roasted chicken friday night.  I then made stock from the bones.  Today I made chicken noodle soup.  A lot.  You may be a recipient of soup this weekend if I run into you.

I then made a pot of whole grain soup (pancetta, lentils, barley, pasta….it’s my go to soup)

At Costco I saw these cans of tomatoes.

    oh yeah, that’s 12 pounds of tomatoes!

I am making a HUGE pot of marinara.  I am using up all the rest of my potted herbs to make the sauce.  I also realized it is so much easier to store the tomato sauce in gallon zip lock bags and then freeze them flat.  Then I can stack them easily in the freezer and when I pull them out they defrost really quick since they have a large surface area vs. in a container.

Last week we were at the Great Wolf Lodge.  We had a really good time.  If you haven’t been it is EXTREMELY family friendly.  Brian’s white blood cell count had dropped and he had to get an immune boost shot.  It caused him a great deal of throbbing pain and discomfort, but he managed through taking afternoon naps with Josh.  The immune shot forced the body to produce more white blood cells (in the bone marrow hips, sternum, femur).  He said it felt like he was growing new bones.



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