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What the shot!? September 2, 2012

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It’s been needle after needle this weekend!

Thursday night I took my 3rd Rebif shot.  I switched to a Sun/Tues/Thurs schedule that I like much better.  I feel like I actually get the weekend off now.

However, Friday night I had my semi-annual MRI scheduled.  I am what they call a “triple”.  Most people go into to have one maybe 2 MRI’s.  I have three times two.  I have brain, cervical and thoracic done with and without contrast.  It is about 2-2.5 hours lying on a flat board with loud thumping buzzing noises.  I like to go at night because then I don’t have to have an IV started, they just do the injection of contrast.  So there is the second needle of the weekend.

Then, while grocery shopping on Saturday, after yoga class.  Oh and by the way I got these SUPER COOL new pants that I wore because I am always talking anatomy to the class and now they can see it!


Ok, back to the grocery store (and yes, I wore those to the store, I did put a skirt over them though) on my way out I saw the nurse giving flu shots and I thought, “they I have no kids why not get my shot now?”  Well, since insurance covered the shot and she was also offering a pneumonia shot I figured lets get it all over with today.


The shots didn’t hurt, but I couldn’t move my arm saturday night or today.  I have been taking ibuprofen 2 at a time and keeping a heating pad on my arm.  I am pro vaccines, so in the long run I will suck it up.  The flu shot is inactive so it will last 6 months and the pneumonia shot is good for 5 years. My recommendation: don’t get them at the same time, or maybe get them in different arms!

AND it’s sunday, so I took another Rebif shot tonight!

UGH!  Needles.


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