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Fall……and Texas Football September 8, 2012

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Today was a beautiful day.  Last night a cold front came through with rain and dropped our Texas heat.  This morning it was in the 60’s when I woke up.

Sports season has started in our house.

Kate had her first soccer game on the Lady Eagles.


She scored 7 goals, all seven goals for her team.  The score was 6 to 7 Lady Eagles!  The other parents were yelling at their kids “Stop HER (Kate)!”



Jack had his first season game against the Colts.  They played fierce.  Score was 21/0 Colts.


Jack is number 15.


Our child who is the biggest sports fan, was really into the cheerleaders.

On a side note, I did my grocery shopping today.  I happened to stop into Whole Foods and picked up a great deal they were offering.  Buy a pound of turkey and get a free loaf of organic whole wheat bread, cheese, and carrots.  I got all that for $12!  I like to make sandwiches ahead of time so I made turkey and PBJ sandwiches tonight and froze them for this weeks lunches.  Ready to go!


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