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The Replacements October 26, 2012

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I was cleaning out some purses I had in my closet and you know what I found?  Tubes of some of my favorite lip glosses.  However, I have no idea how old they were.

I am really good at cleaning out my entire fridge (yes, I dump everything) at least once a year.  I wash it out frequently.  But what about the makeup bag?  I always tell myself I will write on my mascara tube the date I opened it, so I know when to dump it, but I haven’t been as diligent.  So today I am starting fresh and dumping the mascara and blush, sharpening my eye pencils, tossing the collection of make-up items I really don’t use, and cleaning all my brushes.  It’s a new season anyway.

Here are some good guideline to keep your makeup safe.

(1) Liquid foundations and concealers should be replaced every six months.

(2) Lip glosses and lipsticks can last anywhere from 18 months to two years. Keep a watchful eye on your favorite hues — if you notice an off smell or taste, toss them in the trash and treat yourself to a new tube!  Pots or anything ou stick your finger into become a bacteria breeding ground.

(3) Powdered blushes and bronzers are good for six to nine months. The key here is to replace your brushes and applicators when you replace your compacts. If you prefer using a nicer set of brushes that you splurged on, you don’t need to toss those, but make sure they get a thorough washing at least every nine months.

(4) Sunscreens should be replaced every year.  The older they are the more they loose their potency and effectiveness.

(5) Mascara is one of the most common places for bacteria to live, because of its wet nature. If you use it only for special occasions, you can replace your tube every six months. If you wear it daily, you’ll want to swap yours every three months.

(6) For the liquid eyeliner lovers, use the same rule of thumb as replacing your mascara — every three months. Toss eyeliner pencils if they are older than two years. Keeping your eyeliners sharpened will help them stay fresh longer.

I hate to admit this, but I just threw out a hair brush ( I think I have had since HS) since the bristles were falling out!

(7) Replacing your hairbrush depends on how much stress you are putting on it. If you notice the bristles getting softer, it’s probably time for a new one.  You should replace your toothbrush at least every three months.



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