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No Resolutions January 1, 2013

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I don’t make resolutions in the New Year.  Too ambitious to try to stick with and then I just feel let down by April.

But I do like looking back at the year, like most news programs do a year in review, and decide what I can improve on, change, simplify, or clean out.

(1) I really enjoy learning.  That includes taking classes, attending workshops and reading.  I am going to continue to read, a lot.  And I have already registered for 2 culinary classes this semester.

(2) Health.  The last two years has brought mortality and life quality front and center.  I want to commit to finding a healthy balance between western medicine and homeopathic medicine.  After failed attempts at cleanses before, I am going to try one again.  I love watching food documentaries and I decided that a juicer would be a great Christmas gift.  I am going to go for a juice cleanse.  Wish me luck.  I will post how it goes.

(3) Clutter.  It drives me nuts.  The hubby complains I even clean out the DVR.  I am going to continue to clean out and simplify.  That includes my kitchen gadgets.  And I am going to finish child #3’s scrapbook (I do one for each child of the 1st year).  Then I will clean out the crafting supplies.


No major life changes, no huge commitments, therefore no disappointments.  Just a little better than the year before.


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