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Culinary Class: week in review February 2, 2013

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I can’t believe I am back in culinary school again.  I am very excited, but new instructor and every Chef has their own set of kitchen rules.  It takes a little while to get used to the Chef and homework, oh and the late nights.

We started with eggs.  The rule used to be that when chefs went in for a job interview they were asked to make a 3 egg french omelet and a fried egg.  That used to be the test.  If you couldn’t cook eggs than you couldn’t cook at all.

You know what?  Perfect eggs to order, are hard to cook.  Especially when you get graded on presentation.


The egg at 4 o’clock is a prefect egg.

We also cooked huevos rancheros with an amazing Salsa Roja, pancakes, and waffles.


There are also lots of things you can do with eggs, they are not just for breakfast.  Quiche, soufles, and used as leavening agents eggs are full of protein and very versatile.


Quiche is essentially a custard and should come out still jiggly with very few air bubbles.


Of course, not everything comes out perfect.  We work in teams of 4 and we learned 2 lessons this night.  First, when using a convection oven, the temperature needs to be reduced by 25 degrees from what the recipe calls.  Secondly, soufles need HOT ovens with bottom heat, and need to be babysat.  Although the inside looked good, it overflowed and burned.


The next class we moved on to poultry.  I had already learned to break down and cut up a chicken in Basic, but this time I learned a new cut for presentation, the airline breast.  It is a boneless breast with the ” drummie” attached and the joint exposed and cleaned.  As it cooks the bone sticks straight up and then a paper garnish “boot” is placed on.     I think I practiced butchering about 4 whole chickens.  Then we moved on to the meals; Grilled Chicken and Yogurt with cucumber raita (I could have drunk the sauce!), poached chicken breast princesse with blanched asparagus, and Vietnamese stir-fry Chicken with steamed Basmanti rice.








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