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Peak Performance March 23, 2013

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Tomorrow is the Dallas Rock -n- Roll Half marathon.  My training is not where I thought it would be, so I am just going to go and enjoy myself, the music and the experience (and pray I cross the line well).  However, I have been eating for endurance.  Here are my weapons:


I juice every morning with spinach and green apples.  The antioxidant quercetin, found in apples can improve exercise endurance.

Sweet Potato

HIgh in carbohydrates this is an excellent source of natural energy for long lasting workouts, plus its super high in immunity boosting vitamin A


This ancient grain I have written about before is an energizing complex carbohydrate (and complete protein!) rich in magnesium which is an essential mineral in energy metabolism


Packed with iron, and essential mineral for athletic performance

Green Tea

Caffeine provides a boost of energy

Vitamin C

Diminishes exercise fatigue


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