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The Longest Mile March 29, 2013

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I am writing this as a remembrance to myself to NEVER do this again.  I ran a full marathon 10 years ago (that I did train for) and now I have down a half.  I think I can cross this off the bucket list.  No need to repeat.

I signed up for the Rock -n- Roll half marathon in December with every intention for training and running before the race.  But, honestly, time got away from me and I kept putting it off.  Another reason the older I get the more I need accountability and motivation partners.

It started Sunday.  Very Early.0-9  I don’t remember the last time I was in the car going somewhere at 5:30am.

I met a friend who also teaches yoga with me and we carpooled to Dallas together.  We caught the shuttle at 6:50am.  It was very cold and windy.

208113_10151518671123769_1725064316_nWe look happy.  That is because there were heaters on the bus.

We then had to wait till starting time.  We were back in coral 13.  There were many, many, many people ahead of us.   They staggered the start times every 90 seconds.

0-5 Getting closer.  Oh and the sun is up now.  But it is still cold and windy.

0-6 Even closer!

Then we were off.  I was feeling pretty good.  Again I hadn’t run more than a few sprints and maybe 2 miles total before this.

The beginning was very hilly.  We ran by the Book Depository, the green knoll, through the West End winding our way around Dallas and down along Turtle Creek.

0-5  First picture I took was at mile 4.  There had been a few bands I had run by.  Still feeling good.  I shed my sweatshirt at mile 6.

Mile 6 is about the end of natural running for me.  I should know that anything beyond 6 is UNnatural.

0-14  These are the people behind me.

5399_10151518883323769_1220106471_n-1  599318_10151518898398769_249259359_n-1

This is where I started to feel just like the sign.  I was just hoping to make it to the end.  But still at mile 10 I was thinking, ugh, 3 more to go.

0-12 I hate Gu.  I prefer powering up on chocolate during endurance races.  It tastes good, is absorbed quickly and doesn’t give me stomach cramps like gu.

483743_10151518959193769_1753057638_n  THE END!!

I don’t have any other pictures of the end because it was so COLD (and I had dumped my sweat shirt running) and I was trying to find my friend Heather so we could go home.  I was tired and I could barely walk and forget bending down.  My quads were shot.  So note to self: No More Running.


3 Responses to “The Longest Mile”

  1. Michelle Mae Says:

    Amy, you DID it! I am beyond impressed. Even if you never run another step, you are AMAZING!!!

  2. Pamela Says:

    But yay that you did it!!! That is all that counts 🙂 So proud!!!

  3. Nancy Powell Says:

    Way to go! I’ve run a few half-marathons (in my 20s) but I agree, anything after 6 miles is unnatural. I didn’t like the damage my body had after running each one. Bruises, toenails fell off, etc.

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