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Projects May 29, 2013

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I always get the urge to tackle projects over long weekends.  I have projects I would like to get to all over the house, some small, some large.  I look at them and think “I will get to you one day”.  And I have the best intentions…..

This Memorial Day weekend I went with the projects that needed to be done for sanity.  There are three kids and two adults in this house.  That’s 10 feet.  On average we each have 3 pairs of shoes (actually the adults have more, but I am not tripping over those).  At any given time there are about 12-14 shoes scattered around by the doors.  I have shoes mats, I have shoe boxes in the garage for each child.  But still, shoes are scattered by the doors.

DSC06776  DSC06775  DSC06777  DSC06778

I have been looking for a better way to store and organize these shoes.  Ikea, magazines, on-line.  You name it.  First I was thinking about a storage system in the garage since that’s where most of the shoes/cleats/ect are.  But It had to be closed since I didn’t want spiders and insects getting in.  Then I had an idea for a dresser.  If I could find a dresser I could use it for shoes, socks, and miscellaneous kid stuff.  I didn’t want to spend a lot.  And it had to have specific dimensions for the area it was going to fit in.

Out running some errands, I happened upon a dresser.  I measured it, saw it was of good quality construction, and I thought, “this may work!”   So I started the transformation.  Something fun and colorful.

DSC06765  DSC06766

It was a light wood color  with tarnished brass handles.  I rubbed it down with a cleaner to take off the clear coat.

DSC06771  DSC06772

I found a paint color “paprika” in the Rustoleum furniture kit make-over.  (go figure, it’s a food color)

DSC06780  DSC06781

After 2 coats of the paint color, then I put a coat of dark glaze over.  It dried over night and then I applied the clear coat.

DSC06810  DSC06809  DSC06811

I spray painted the hardware in a black metallic finish.  Everyone now has a drawer for socks and shoes and I have a “junk” drawer for all the stuff that gets left on my kitchen counter.

I also bought a dress last fall while we were in Georgia at vintage boutique.  I liked the dress, but wanted a skirt.  I decided to cut off the top and put in elastic.

DSC06747  DSC06748

I also tackled cleaning out the lint screen on the dryer.  Regularly cleaning out the lint keeps the dryer operating efficiently, takes clothes a shorter time to dry and therefore uses less energy.

DSC06758  DSC06757  DSC06760

Lastly, this weekend, I decided to see if name brands really matter.  Extra virgin olive oil.  San Marzano tomatoes, Vidalia onions.  Would using specific products make a different in my tomato sauce that I would be able to notice a difference?

DSC06761  DSC06762 DSC06763

The sauce was good, but compared to other sauces I have made without the brand names, I am not sure if I could tell the difference.


2 Responses to “Projects”

  1. Breana Says:

    Amazing!! Love….Love….LOVE the dresser!!! And what a great idea. I have a few of those projects sitting in my garage…..just waiting….

  2. Michelle Mae Says:

    Your shoe dresser is pure brilliance! So. darn. awesome.

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