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GOLDEN June 15, 2013

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Golden Birthday

A golden birthday is the birthday when you turn the same age as your birthdate.

This year is my daughter’s.  She will be 7 on July 7th.  However, summer birthdays are often hard with friends on vacation and summer schedules.  We decided to celebrate at the beginning of the summer this year with a gold themed party at the pool.


First stop was Dollar Tree.  I found the gold and silver pinwheels, gold ribbon, and wreath form.  Next stop was Party City for the gold table-cloth, gold utensils, napkins, cups and beaded necklaces.    For decoration I spray painted a soup can with gold glitter spray paint, put some rocks in the bottom and added the pinwheels and tissue paper.  I took the straw wreath form and wrapped it black yarn.  I tied a bow and hot glued a number 7 in the middle.  I also took a cardboard beer container (a 6-pack carrying case) and also spray painted it gold.  I used it to hold the napkins, utensils and sparkly table weights (like they might use to hold balloons down).

DSC06815 DSC06816  DSC06817

For food, I made a HUGE pitcher of fresh lemonade (in the future I would recommend buying it, very time-consuming!), hot dogs, fritos and Doritos chips, goldfish, freeze pops, and sunrise fruit cups.  I made the fruit cups ahead with crushed pineapple, sliced peaches, mandarin oranges, and grapes.  I froze the cups and let them thaw out when we got to the pool.  I forgot to take a picture of the dessert.  I took 2 vanilla Oreo cookies and dipped them in white candy melt.  After they dried, I brushed on edible gold sparkle dust.

I spray painted 100 pennies gold and we had a gold coin dive in the pool.  Our goody bags were cellphane bags filled with gold wrapped candy like rolos, reeses peanut butter cups, and hershey’s nuggets.

DSC06818  DSC06835  DSC06840   DSC06841


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