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First Day of School August 26, 2013

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Today was the first day back to school.  Jack headed off to 3rd grade.  He has two teachers this year.  His home room teacher, Miss Johnson, who also teaches math and science and Miss Whittaker who teaches writing and reading.


Kate started school at home.

I don’t have a set curriculum.  My focus for her is just the basics; reading, writing and math.  We will throw in some extras for fun like science, art, history.  I lay out the work the night before for her and mark it with post it notes.  I try to give her some freedom in choosing the order in which she does it.

We started with writing this morning.  I gave her a variety of options for a writing prompt and she choose to write a letter to her friend down the street.  We have been working on grammar this summer so we incorporated that into the letter writing.  I had to teach today, so we headed out to the gym.  I really liked being able to have her home for lunch and talk about the day and things she might like to do this year.

After lunch Josh went down for a nap (or so I thought, he actually snuck into big brothers room to play.  This caused me to swap out the door handles on Jack’s room and the locking handle on the bathroom.  Jack now locks his door.)

We worked on math, finishing out last weeks lesson and review pages.  Next came phonics and reading.  All in all today went really well and if it serves as any indication of how we will fair this year, I am hopeful.

I just need to keep reminding myself to let Kate set the pace.  I want goals, but not to lay down heavy expectations.

I won’t blog everyday about home school, but definitely keep track of the highs and lows.


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