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OLD School August 29, 2013

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Went back to school last night.  I am taking Nutrition and Meal Planning this semester.  All was well in this class till the teacher took us down to the college library for a “resources lesson”.

The librarian went through how to access the library on-line and how to access the 100’s of scholarly journals, encyclopedias, magazines, book collections and data bases from our mobile devices.  She had QR codes for us, how to make out own QR codes, how to do citations and bibliographies by “right clicking” on the icon.  It was like Library 101 for Dummies.  Oh, and she did her whole presentation using a touch screen projection screen!

I was overwhelmed.

I think I repel technology.  Last week my phone went into screen convulsions.  I couldn’t even unlock it.  Then my computer mouse stopped working, after I replaced the batteries.

Did I mention I posted on Facebook yesterday if anyone knew of a typewriter repair place?  Yes, a typewriter (no plug-ins or batteries)

And when I went to college I used a card catalogue?  I actually had to then, go find the book in the library?  And I had an MLS book so I could do my own citations.

I feel like a crocodile.


One Response to “OLD School”

  1. Michelle Mae Says:

    It’s scary how fast our prior education about library use became worthless, isn’t it? This is a strange new world.

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