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A vegetarian walks into a butcher shop…… May 22, 2014

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It’s embarrassing to think how long it has been since I have written.  So here is a quick recap:

(1) Took Fundamentals of Baking.  That will be a separate post on its own.  Baking had the heaviest workload of any class I have taken so far.

(2) Because I have been doing some catering events, I decided to take a second class and enrolled in Catering class.

(3) Met with the Culinary and Hospitality Department Head and have decided to declare the degree program in the fall.  Why not?  Hoping to finish in another year and a half with a degree in Culinary as a Certified Chef

(4) Took the Food Managers Food Safety Certification exam.  (just got my score that I passed too!)

Back to the present…..

Took the Hubby with me to a Steak 101 class taught by Matt the Butcher.  This class was recommended by Chef Robert from Patina Green.  Lots of good info (some scary- as to what has happened to our food over the years) and the best part was the steak breakdown.

DSC07335 This is Matt.  He is from OK.  He is cowboy through and through.

DSC07342 This is half a cow that is dry aging.

DSC07339  DSC07341  DSC07340  This is how they begin to cut the steaks.  The major cut is made between the 12th and 13th rib.

DSC07337 This is a crown roast before the bones are cleaned.

DSC07336These are all the different cuts of meat that come from the primal (major) cuts from the cow.

DSC07338 This was the best part of class learning all the different types of steak.  And I will be going back for more fabricating lessons!  I may not eat a lot of it, but I do want to know about it and how to cook it.


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