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Funny What We Wish For January 8, 2015

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I meant to write yesterday, but the whole arm in a sling thing got in the way.    Here is keeping it real from after the surgery.


I just got back from my post-op visit.  When I saw the Dr to review the MRI I was joking with him that I was hoping for bursitis.  But when reviewing the MRI he told me in the serious voice, “no, it’s a rotator cuff tear”.  So I prepared for the worse and went into surgery.

The worst part really was the nerve block.  Notice was swollen/droopy eye?  I had paralysis and complete numbness from the neck down to the fingers.  That was supposed to be better and less irritating for MS- it would mean less anesthesia.  Actually when I woke up it was horrible.  My right arm just hung heavy.

Yesterday, it began to wear off and I could make a first and move my wrist.  Not only has it been hard to do things with my left hand, but just how many things are difficult with just one hand.  (Try taking the top off your medication bottle with one hand, HA!)

Today They removed the bandages and I got to look at the three little incisions they made in my shoulder.  I got to see pictures of the inside of my shoulder joint too.  When they went in, I had a bone spur that was causing the bursitis and a small “tear” on the inside of the rotator cuff that should heal on its own now that the bone spur is removed.  Recovery will be far less  time than originally thought.  And, I am even able to type today.

So, now thinking full circle, it’s funny that I wished for bursitis, because that’s what I got.  And I am thankful for that today.


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